Hiroshima – 06 08 1945

Excluding the obvious choices of OMDs “Enola Gay” , Crass’s “Nagasaki Nightmare” & the quite cheesy options of Sandra’s “Hiroshima” & Kelly Family’s “Hiroshima, I’m Sorry” (that should be actually “World, We’re Sorry”), i picked up 5 tunes that are relevant to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings of August 1945.

This Mortal Coil – I Come & Stand At Every Door

Actually a Nazim Hikmet poem that previously have been recorded by the likes of Pete Seeger & the Band , here in a haunting version.

Pink Floyd – Two Suns In The Sunset (Buy LP)

Written rather in general for a nuclear holocaust than the certain Hiroshima bombing and released in the cold war era this is a fine sample of why Pink Floyd is a band that do not have fillers even in their weakest albums.

10.000 Maniacs – Grey Victory (Buy CDLP)

Don’t get fooled by the americana driven power-pop.Lyrics are quite “graphical” but not naive!

John Coltrane – Peace On Earth

A different approach proving that sometimes words are not necessary.Special significance added from the fact that this is actually recorded live in Japan.

Gary Moore – Hiroshima (Buy CDLP)

Heavy rock always went well along with war themes.Here’s a different approach with the good old heavy metal straightforward way.

More related songs here : Antiwar Songs


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