Teenage Kicks: The Story of The Undertones

The Story of The Undertones Teenage Kicks

In 1975, in the North of Ireland, if live teenagers got together it would have been normal, even expected, for a riot to ensue – the outsider might not have been able to tell the difference standing in a crowded Casbah one Friday night…
Fronted with the unmistakable vocal style of lead singer Feargal Sharkey, with John and Damian O’Neill on guitars, Michael Bradley on bass, and Billy Doherty behind the drum kit, this is Teenage Kicks: The Story of the Undertones.
In his first pilgrimage to Derry, Northern Ireland, legendary BBC DJ John Peel meets the band behind his favourite pop song, Teenage Kicks. Revelling in his journey of discovery, John Peel is amazed at the band’s apparent innocence. Reared in a town where the most abhorred social disgrace was to get above yourself. The Undertones simply tried not to take any of it too seriously.
The band parted ways in 1983 but 20 years down the line, The Undertones are still laid back. Re-forming to the delight of old and new fans, the band is prepared for it not to work – but it does. Damian says ‘we didn’t realise how good we were’… surely it’s finally time the band grasped what we’ve known all along: The Undertones… absolutely bloody fantastic!

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