Flame Test 2009

I have a stupid thing with flags.It’s not that i am a nationalist, on the contrary, i just like these pieces of cloth and i am fond of the stories behind why someone picked certain colors and/or emblems to represent a nation or even a group of people.I can also understand that people from older generations gave their life to protect their flag, that certain piece of cloth that was representing their hometown, family and friends.I can also understand why someone can burn the greek flag opposing to the things you can usually find it on (army and police uniforms for example) but a thing that makes me feel uncomfortable is when greeks  burn other nations’ (american and german flags are two valid examples) or even a swastika flag on the year 2012. (As far as i know that certain symbol have not any official use on any country in the world, especially in germany that it is actually banned.)

If you are prepared to burn a foreign flag as a sign of opposition for the current situation in your country, you have to be prepared to burn your country’s own flag or at least accept that this might happen for the same reasons.


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