360 Record Shop Closing Down

Sad news from the fellow 360 Record Shop that is closing down. Help them have less burden to carry by joining their closing down sale & party:

Elasidon 29 11854 Athens, Greece

Phone Number : 210345 3307


We find ourselves in the sad position to announce that ΘΡΙ ΣΙΞΤΙ independent record store will be closing down permanently.

However, the good news is that from Saturday the 13th until Friday the 19th of October we will be holding a large clearance sale. We’ll be reducing prices on all stock and then reducing even further for bulk. You are welcome to drop by and check our stock for one last time during this forthcoming week.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their encou

ragement, enthusiasm and support, as well as all of you who came along to our club nights, live gigs and seminars.

Also we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Andreas Kyritsis (Invisible Rockers) and Costis Nikiforakis & Jo Borshell (Black Athena) for their extensive music knowledge, help and hard work, something that made ΘΡΙ ΣΙΞΤΙ what it was.

Lest we forget Petros Malevris who’s time working with us provided our customers (and ourselves) other worldly musical delights and furthermore; something of a new language for Athenian record collectors, music lovers and DJs.

Last but not least, on Friday the 19th we are having a closing down party with friends of the store, music and drinks. Music will provided by Adreas, Costis, Jo, and us.

Dimirtri Papaioannou and Paul Bennett.”


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