Rumble Skunk Records Party!

Rumble Skunk Records presents: All About Rock’n’Roll Science!!!

On the decks: Rumble Skunk & Black Orange!

All about franken’rock’n’roll science (Saturday-24-November), at the Sonic Boom Record store (Syrou 32, Kypseli). Be there at: 17:30.

If you don’t have something to do, just take a walk down the street and hang out with us at Sonic Boom Record store! If you’re looking for some fun, grab a coupla six-packs, a bottle of whiskey, or something you like that & have fun!!! The party starts at: 17:30 till…??, and will take place in the basement!!! We’re goin’ underground ‘cause rock’n’roll & loves underground!!!

* If you’d like also to buy a copy of our first release, Lords Of Gravity – “The Curse Of Icarus ” LP, a box with hot vinyl will be waitin’ for ya!!!*


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